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Professional Business Services from Cubria Enterprizes

Find the Right Phone and Cellular Service at the Right Price

Need a cell phone or want to upgrade to that new Android or iPhone?

Whether you already have a service provider or are looking for new service, eCubria can help save you money.  We offer substantial savings on cell phones and service plans to meet your needs.  Many plans include FREE phones!!

I just upgraded to three of the latest Android phones and extended my existing family plan for another two years.  My service provider offered the same phone upgrades for $400 each but I got them through eCubria for only $199 each.  THAT's $600 in SAVINGS!!

Use our Cellular Phone Finder to see for yourself.  Then use the same tool to select a service plan from your carrier of choice.  You save money even if you are already a customer with that carrier!


Find Telecommunications Servics for Your Business; including PBX and IP Network Technicians!

Looking for an Avaya, Cisco, 3Com, Shortel, or other brand name communications solutions?
Need to set up a VoIP-based phone system?
How about a a virtual PBX that allows people to transfer calls to your boss's home just like a regular extension?
Maybe your telco closet is a disaster and needs to be rewired
Need Dedicated Services such as T1, DS3, High Speed Internet, VOIP, VPN, MPLS, WAN, SIP Trunking?

Whatever the case may be, you can find the right technician and/or equipment provider using VARSearch, the world's only real-time VAR search engine.  This robust search tool will allow you to locate a value added reseller for any of the major telecommunications providers.

Click Here for a customized search to fit your needs. 

Find Telecommunication Services for Residential Customers

See our services, from long distance to 800 numbers for the family.  Use our BEST RATE tool to compare rates for a variety of services.

Click Here for Residential Service Offers.

Consulting & Support Services

eCubria offers a variety of business services to help you achieve goals and improve profitability. A business consultant can help you to develop or streamline operational processes to improve efficiencies and alleviate non-productive activities. A business analyst can assist you with business and marketing plans. 

Perhaps you simply need someone to come in and manage a department or division temporarily during a new product launch, or while searching for a permanent resource. Or to validate your processes & growth plans.  We can provide the resources and skills to document that new system you bought, or the procedures for a new product launch.
Let us know how we can help you to improve your business!

Professional Services

Current economic conditions require organizations to find ways to drive down costs and improve operational effectiveness. To succeed in this environment you need to increase productivity and growth without an equal increase in costs. eCubria offers services that are critical to organizations wishing to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. From internal reengineering to total outsourcing, eCubria can provide the necessary resources to implement your IT or telecommunications project. We are experienced professionals and have managed large projects in North America, CALA, APAC, and EMEA. Let's get started now!

  • Project / Program Managers
  • Vendor Relations
  • Professional Sales
  • Programmers / Coders
  • Technicians & Installers
  • Website / Graphic Designers
  • Technical Writers
  • Temporary Resources

Telecommunications Services for Business & Consumers

eCubria can sole-source a wide variety of telecommunications services, help you re-define your communications needs, and more than likely reduce your annual telecommunications costs.Long Distance, Voice-Over-IP, Cellular, dedicated T1 access, and MORE.  eCubria has the service to match your telecommunications needs. Check out our Long Distance Rate Calculator to see a wide selection of plans that can save you money on long distance and international calling.

Perfect for Professional Organizations, Clubs, and Small Business.

eCubria offers web hosting plans that are ideal for individuals and small to medium businesses. We're the affordable, reliable place to host your site -- with no ad banners or pop-ups, and 24/7 support. In a few minutes you can create your own personal single- purpose page OR a powerful e-commerce site that's ready to roll.  And unlike the competition, there's no set up fee and no annual commitment required.

All plans come with a minimum of 500 email accounts and SQL databases, plus free software to make it easy to set up a complete website for your business, organization, or club. Maybe you want to create an internet presence to publish family photos or to show off that great hobby. eCubria has very affordable web hosting plans just for you.  And we provide great tools to help you create your new site, even if you have no experience at all in web page develop.  We provide everything you need to give your Web site the reliable, high-performance home it deserves!  So for safe, reliable and affordable web site hosting, play it smart. Just scan through the individual plans and choose the one that's right for you! 
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